'Comfort women' get support from US Congress
Sigrid Deters
Radio Netherlands


The United States has called on Japan to apologise unambiguously for the suffering endured by the 'comfort women' during the Second World War. One of these women, Dutch-born Jeanne Ruff O'Herne of Australia, hopes other countries will follow the American lead.

Time to stand up for comfort women
Tue 31 Jul 2007
New Democratic Party of Canada


NDP urges Conservatives to follow the lead from US resolution

OTTAWA -- The NDP critic for Human Rights called on the Conservative government to follow the lead from the US House of Representatives and approve a resolution to call on the Japanese Prime Minister to acknowledge, apologize and appropriately compensate the Korean, Chinese and Filipino women who were forced into prostitution during WWII.

NDP MP Wayne Marston (Hamilton East-Stoney Creek) stated, "We must act in accordance with the principles of defending human rights that ordinary Canadians believe in. Around 200,000 women were lured from their homes in neighboring countries and forced to work as prostitutes for the Japanese military. Japan should officially apologize and compensate these women and Canada should be urging them to do so."

Abe: Must clarify views on 'comfort women'


Masaaki Noda, a professor of psychopathology at Kwansei Gakuin University, said the government must heed similar resolutions adopted in Asian countries.

Noda examined six former "comfort women" now living in China in June. The elderly women still experience severe post-traumatic stress, Noda said.

"The former 'comfort women' are still suffering," he said. "Japan has a responsibility to support their treatment."











House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Lantos (D-CA) said at the Committee vote, "The true strength of a nation is tested when it is forced to confront the darkest chapters in its history. Will it have the courage to face up to the truth of its past, or will it hide from those truths in the desperate and foolish hope they will fade with time?"



Guest Post by Mindy Kotler: Comfort Women, US-Japan Historic Justice and the Bush Administration


Please let's now draw up a House Resolution asking for forgiveness from the Iraqi People for all the havoc we have caused in their country. Maybe that perfidious Lantos could also draw up a resolution questioning the IDF's decision to blanket Southern Lebanon with cluster bombs in the waning days of the war. What will it take for this country to wake up to the perils of foreign infiltrators?

Posted by: downtown at July 31, 2007 01:57 PM

God, I am sick of this shit. 650,000 dead Iraqi non-conbatants in Iraq, an AG whose first act every morning is to wipe his ass with our Consitution, and I'm paying these fuckers in Washington to have circle jerks?

Posted by: PissedOffAmerican at July 31, 2007 08:28 AM

Oh dear, those self righteous preachers of moral clarity in the Bush administration are once again behaving like moral relativists. But will the corporate media notice?
Posted by: JohnH at July 30, 2007 10:22 PM

A completely meaningless resolution and a total waste of time by our Congress that should be securing our national borders.

Why not a resolution condemning what Pontius Pilate did to Jesus?

Or a resolution condemning the Aztecs for the cannibalistic sacrifice of virgins on the top of pyramids.

Or a resolution condeming the German invasion of Belgium in WWII.

Or a thousand other ridiculous and meaningless resolutions for every ill every perpetrated in the history of the Earth.

The ridicolous things liberals waste their time on.

Posted by: Robert Morrow at July 30, 2007 10:42 PM


Posted: Monday, July 30, 2007 11:11 AM by Mark Murray

I'm a liberal myself, but I must admit I wish Congress would be doing other things related to America instead. Asking Japan to apologize for something Japan did to Japanese is just too ridiculous to put into words, and debating about the Armenian Genocide might be even worse. I can see how these issues might disappoint the general population, but would it be enough to give power back to the neocons? I don't think so.

Peterson (Sent Monday, July 30, 2007 3:38 PM)

Mike Honda seems to bringing his personnal issues to his workplace. And please don't start diatribes against the left when republicans often present equally divergent resolutions now and during their majority rule.

CJ (Sent Monday, July 30, 2007 4:15 PM)

wasted time in congress. period. done. over. next issue.

Mark Y; Westlake Village, cA (Sent Monday, July 30, 2007 4:52 PM)

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